Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catfish Final Paper

Catfish Paper
1)      This documentary is about a correspondence that started between Nev, our main character and, an eight year old girl named Abby and her mom Angela.  This turns into a long relationship that lasts about a year, and has many twists and turns throughout the story.  Nev, his brother, and a friend come upon a mystery that nobody could have predicted.  They instantly became detectives and tried to piece together the mystery that comes up.  The reason for this big mystery is one thing, and that thing is Facebook.  The deception from Facebook leads to one big mystery that confuses Nev and his brother and friend.  In this they find out what  “Catfish” really means.
2)      The title of this Movie is Catfish, which was filmed in 2008 and released as a movie in 2010.  Rogue Pictures won this documentary over Paramount Pictures.  The Movie is a true documentary about Nev and his growing relationship between a girl named Abby and her family.  Abby had sent Nev a painting of her picture that was published in the New York Times.  With that relationship between the girl from Michigan, and the Nev who lives in New York.  This turns into a long distance relationship between Nev and Megan.  Megan is Abby’s older half sister.  This turns into a long distance relationship that soon after filming, turns into the center point of the documentary.  Many people believed that this was not a real documentary and that is directed and didn’t occur in real life. 
3)      This movie has a very confusing plot to try and follow.  It starts off with Nev getting one of his photos published in the New York Times.  Then a couple months later he receives a painting of his photo from an eight year old girl named Abby.  He finds out that her mom Angela sends him the painting to show off her talent and they become friends.  Nev and her entire family become friends on facebook, and he talks to each one of them at different times.  Soon after his initial conversations with the family, he begins to talk to Megan.  He then talks to her on a daily basis, and start getting to know each other more.  These two very quickly develop a relationship, where they call, text, email, and Facebook; each other.  They became an unofficial long distance couple.  They keep this going while Nev is still getting to know the entire family, and none of them seem to object the relationship at all.  Even though Megan lives in Michigan, and Nev lives in New York.  Nev finds himself falling in love with this girl, and becomes very close to Megan.  Then when Nev wants to meet up with her to see if anything would become of their long distance love, they never can.  With that mysteries pop up about Megan, Abby, and Angela. 
4)      I find that Nev is a very important character since he is the person the documentary is focused around from the start.  He is very interesting in my opinion with how he talks to the family and his point of view on everything.  He is a nice guy who does not want to hurt anybodies feelings.  He knows what he wants in life, and pushes for his goals.  He is also just a person that almost anyone can connect with and relate to on some common basis.  I feel like if anyone else was the center point of the documentary it would not be as interesting and I would just think of it as another boring documentary. 
5)      I honestly thought that this was a great movie, and I still can’t believe that this was a documentary that was true.  It kept me guessing what was going to happen next.  I was always surprised by the twists and turns that pop up throughout the movie.  I really liked that it kept you guessing on multiple occasions, so you actually have to think when you don’t have all of the answers.  So I overall really enjoyed the movie Catfish, it was one of the best I have seen in a very long time.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a good movie.  I would also advise that anybody that has a Facebook should watch this to learn about the dangers of Facebook.  So pretty much everybody should go out of there way and see this amazing movie at some point in the near future.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catfish Finale

This movie was an amazing movie, and i can not believe that it was actually real.  Nev was straight up played by Angela's giant web of lies.  He had no idea that there was no Megan, and that he was looking at a model and photographer that was already married.  Angela was also having a relationship with Nev, and was cheating on Vince in a major way. He had no idea, and i guarantee that she would not want to tell Vince.  He would most likely consider it cheating.  I know i wouldnt want my girlfriend to be talking to another guy like that.  I would be very upset about it,, and do not really know what i would do.  But this was one of the most insane movies I have ever seen, and Angela's multiple personalities made it so.  I could not imagine making that many Facebook accounts it would be way to hard to keep up with.  But it makes me wonder, how many people actually make fake accounts?  How many people are trying to fool you, and get to know you when they are posing as someone they are not?  Im pretty sure thanks to this movie i will be much more careful with who i accept as a friend on facebook now that i have seen this movie.  Overall i would recomend this movie to anybody.  It was eye opener and everyone that has a facebook should be required to see this movie as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catfish Part Two

I think this movie is absolutely crazy!  Nev and his friends found out 100% that Angela was lying to him from the start.  All Megans facebook friends were made up and fake.  Nev was not even talking to Megan, it was Angela acting like her daughter.  Then the pictures of Megan on facebook was a family friend of Angelas.  So she betrayed her, Megan, Her husband Vince, and Nev.  She made up an elaborate life, with many people around her to make it seem like everything was real.  I cant wait to see the last part of the movie.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catfish, Day One

I think that so far this movie is very good.  Its suspensful, and i dont know what is going to happen.  I feel like Abbys mom and step sister, are completely making things up as they go.  I feel like there just trying to play Nev so that they can advance farther in there careers.  Everything is just very fishy, the art gallery that was supposevly bought by Abby, and the songs that are "recorded" by megan for Nev.  It just seems fake after Nev and the other two guys searched into it and found out about other songs, and that the art gallery was not even bought.  So there not really singing, and no really having art shows to sell "Abby's" paintings.  I cant wait to see the rest of the movie because i really want to know if this is real or if Nev is being played

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mobile Technology

There are many ways that mobile technology is changing our society.  Communication between people, how we use the internet, how we conduct business, and many other ways can be considered much more efficient and less time consuming.
The first major way that mobile technology is changing our society is how we communicate with others.  Not that long ago, to talk to someone, we would have to be on a land line at home, at work, or a phone booth.  Now we have cell phones and for many people the old ways have become irrelevant.   We can now talk to anyone from anywhere we want.  There is also texting which allows us to send quick messages to people whom we were previously only able to do so by emails, letters, and faxes.  Phones with texting and calling have advanced our society much farther than it already was.  Our current society has far more choices for communicating now due to our advance in mobile technology.
Only years ago, for people to go onto the internet, we had to sit down at a computer and use our mouse and key boards to go on the internet to check our emails or research topics.  Now with our society’s new mobile technology our ability to use the internet has completely changed.  We are now able to use the phone that we have and go on the internet in a few touches of the screen or a few button presses.  Then we have all the access to the internet’s information that we were once able to only do sitting down at a computer screen.  This made our society more efficient and less time consuming.  We do not have to worry about having time to sit down at a computer to access urgent information or even things that are not as urgent.  Either way the mobile technology that we have now is saving time, making the internet easier to access, and allowing the internet’s many sources to be accessed at the palm of your hand. 
Business has become much easier now due to our advances in mobile technology.  Partners working on a project can just send a quick text, call, or email necessary information to their business partner rather than having to tell them face to face.  There is no more waiting until somebody arrives, or waiting until the next day to get information from your partner.  Business has become much simpler making the business more efficient so they can make more money in less time, and not waste time and effort waiting on a partner or waiting to find out a meeting time.  Mobile technology has affected business positively with mobile technology. 
Mobile technology has completely changed how our society is and how things work.  It has made many things much simpler for the people that use mobile technology.  There are negative things that are accompanying all of the positives.  The positives still far out way the negatives, which makes mobile technology so good for our society.  Making us far more efficient at the things we do in our everyday lives. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Free Writing

I thought that blogging is a great way to express your personal feelings.  The movie Julie and Julia was a great movie that i thought portrayed blogging in the most positive way.  Julie was doing what she liked to do which was blog and she was also cooking which was another thing that she really enjoyed doing.  So when she put that into a blog it was the perfect combination.  I also thought that the movie was great because they showed Julias journey to publishing her cook book.  From her just getting into cooking, helping edit her friends cook book, and making it her own and getting it published.  It was a good story that was perfect for being in a movie. Julie and Julia was a movie that taught me about blogs since i was not very well educated about what blogs were before the movie.  It showed me the positives that can come out of a blog and the negatives if you are not careful what you post on your blog.  In my opinion blogs are a good thing as long as you know how to use it correctly and dont put to much personal information out onto the blog.